Nutritional books.

As well as offering services across Yorkshire as a nutritional therapist, I have been able to create a book. Entitled
‘I Wish My Doctor Had Told Me This’, the book covers everything you need to know about healing and goes beyond traditional medications. I have always been passionate about empowering people to learn how to heal themselves and used this to put together something life-changing for readers across the UK and world.

I Wish My Doctor Had Told Me This

“I wrote this book to empower people to take their health into their own hands, to help people to understand that sick bodies are reacting only to an imbalance in the environment. It gives a detailed explanation of those imbalances and what can we do to change them.

“Our bodies, when they produce symptoms, are communicating with us – telling us that all is not well. This book will help you to decipher what your body is trying to say.”

Price: £14.99