Reversing Diabetes and Weightloss course.

This is no ordinary course about reversing diabetes and weight-loss – there are no calories in and calories out – in fact no calorie counting at all.  All the years of brain washing that we have had about low-fat diets are going to be swept away and we will introduce a new way of looking at how we can help to fuel the body so it doesn’t feel deprived and go into survival mode.  In fact, hunger is something I make a point of avoiding whilst we teach the body how to start burning fat as a fuel rather than just relying on sugar.

In addition, a key part of this course is looking at food addiction – most people who are diabetic and/or overweight struggle around food.  Food is one of the greatest addictions in our society – just as addictive as drugs, sex, shopping, alcohol etc.  I want to look at why it is that we are eating more than our bodies need – what emotional hole are we trying to fill and together we can calm and satisfy those unmet emotional needs in a wholesome and long-lasting way. 

If you have been taking the conventional diet road to trying to reverse your diabetes or lose weight and it is just not working then this is the course for you – this approach really does work and much more easily than you would have thought possible. 

If you are interested please message me on 07889174297 or at

The Course Content

This 6 week course costs just £10 for each week, if you have been told by your doctor to just lose weight and are struggling, please come along and join me in exploring and empowering you to better health.

The course will be run in person with me, at Croft on Tees Village Hall – 7-8pm on;

17th October
24th October
Break for Halloween on 31st
7th November
14th November
21st November
28th November

Week 1
Intro and outline of the course
Getting your Cells to listen to insulin
Blood Sugar monitors and how they can help
What to eat

Week 2
Stress and the effect on blood sugar levels and the whole body
Different techniques to help calm the body and mind

Week 3
Liver health and toxins in our environment and their link to weight loss
Sex Hormones and their effect on weight loss
How to support the liver

Week 4
Gut health and gut bacteria – link to weight gain
Connection with Nature and Our tribe

Week 5
Development of gratitude to our bodies
That Little voice and how to deal with it
Learning to express emotion safely especially healthy anger
Our different personalities and how they protect us

Week 6
Tying it all together
Trouble shooting and extra tools in the box to stay on track
Healthy snacks

Throughout these sessions I will be talking about lots of different food ideas and sharing lots of recipes

If you are interested please message me on 07889174297 or at